Choose Your ‘Own’ dialer with no limitations.

by king dialer
Published: March 28, 2024 (4 months ago)

With Kingasterisk innovation, we are giving total control of the dialer Management

Root Access
There is no limitation on the number of Agent
The call rate Depends on your VOIP Provider
You can use Multiple Carrier
Performance Optimization
Data Security and Compliance
Customization and Flexibility
Dependency on Third-Party Providers
Integration with CRM and other Systems

Rented dialer has so many disadvantages so why do you take it?

There is no root access
Pay Per Seat (Agent)
High Call Rate
You can’t change Carrier
Performance Fluctuations
Data Privacy and Compliance
Limited Customization
Scalability Challenges
Security Concerns
Dependence on Hosting Provider
No integration

Kingaterisk provides free setup, installation, and configuration of VICIDIAL on clients’ servers.

We provide call center dialer software on the client server. We can modify the dialer as per our client requirements like functionality, reports & custom GUI.

Our dialer hasn’t any restriction on the number of Agents. It depends on your hardware as well if you have up to 100 agents then we make Cluster solutions for you. !!
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We are not dealing in VoIP routes, DID, servers, or any hardware, and we also do not provide any rent base dialer.

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