Customized VICIDIAL Admin Interface

by king dialer
Published: February 26, 2024 (5 months ago)

Customized VICIDIAL Admin Interface

The customizable admin interface from KingAsterisk can completely change your VICIdial experience. We offer contact center dialer software that may be hosted on your server and allows you to customize the graphical user interface, reports, and functionality.

We provide free setup, installation, and configuration of VICIDIAL on clients’ servers.

What Does “Customized VICIdial” Mean?

By “customized VICIdial,” we imply that you can make your call center dialer fit like a well-fitting suit. Making your VICIdial admin interface exclusively your own means adjusting features, reports, and appearance aesthetics. That’s the core of a KingAsterisk Customized VICIdial: the dialer experience is shaped by your choices.

Key Features & Benefits:

Tailored Functionality
Personalized Reports
Unique GUI Design
Productivity Boost
Flexibility & Scalability

Why Choose Us?

Industry-Leading Technology: Keep up with the latest developments in technology by incorporating them into your personalized VICIdial.

Client-Centric Approach: We put your needs first. We collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your needs and provide solutions that go above and beyond.

Proven Expertise: You can rely on us for a smooth call center solution experience. When you work with KingAsterisk, expect dependable and efficient customisation.

Comprehensive Reports: Acquire meaningful insights. Detailed reports are provided by our personalized VICIdial, giving you the knowledge required to make wise decisions.

Support Around-the-Clock: No matter what the time is, our expert team is always there for your help. Any kind of Support and assistance you need, we are just one call/text away!

We provide free setup, installation, and configuration of VICIDIAL on clients’ servers.

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