How Anthropology for IAS has become high scoring subject?

by Sapiens IAS
Published: January 29, 2024 (6 months ago)
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Over the years, Anthropology has gained prominence as an elective subject for the UPSC examinations due to several reasons:-
1. Relevance to the IAS Role: The subject aligns closely with the duties and responsibilities of an IAS officer. As administrators, IAS officers manage human beings, their culture and society. A strong foundation in Anthropology equips aspirants with the knowledge and skills required for these functions.
2. Clear Syllabus and Structure: The syllabus of Anthropology for IAS is well-defined and structured, making it easier for candidates to plan their preparation. The subject covers different aspects of human beings, like their history, society, culture, and more.
3. Abundance of Study Material: Due to its popularity, there is a plethora of study materials, books, and resources available for Anthropology. This material wealth helps aspirants access diverse viewpoints, engage with different theories, and develop a nuanced understanding of the subject.
4. Scoring Potential: Anthropology has consistently shown a favorable trend in terms of scoring. The questions in the UPSC examination are often straightforward and based on fundamental concepts. Aspirants who have thoroughly prepared will likely secure good marks, boosting their overall rank in the final merit list.
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