Kirloskar DG Sets

by em power
Published: July 11, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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At EMPOWER, we are proud to be one of the leading Kirloskar diesel generator authorised
dealers in Bangalore. We handle all KOEL Green Generator products from 2kVA to 1500 kVA. We have Kirloskar DG sets that can be used in any industry and can be supplied immediately.

Why Do You Choose Kirloskar DG Sets?

Due to its dependability and effectiveness, Kirloskar DG set is utilised by over thousands of
customers across the nation. Whether you require a generator for standby or black start, peak saving or support of the electrical grid, Kirloskar DG sets are reliable.

Advantages of Kirloskar DG Sets

1. Wide Range: Whether the customer is a residential house or an industrial unit, Kirloskar has a DG set for the job, available in the power range of 2. 5 to 1500 kVA.

2. Reliability: Kirloskar DG sets are popular for their dependability and the ability to run for a long time without halting.

3. Efficiency: Kirloskar DG sets are energy efficient and will guarantee you the best returns on your fuel hence saving on costs.

4. Flexibility: Kirloskar DG sets come in both the buying and hiring options depending on the financial capacity and usage needs of the client.

The list of the Services

As one of the leading Kirloskar DG set dealer in Bangalore, EMPOWER provides a comprehensive range of services:

  •  Installation and Erection

We are also involved in installation and erection works for DG sets to ensure that it is properly installed.

  • Maintenance Services

We provide comprehensive maintenance services, dealing with all the general and specific complaints of the diesel generators. With our services, your generators will always be in their best state.

  • Rental Services

However, if the consumer does not wish to purchase a DG set from us, we provide diesel generators on rent. This option provides a tax benefit and is suitable for both short-term and long-term use.

  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

We provide AMCs for all diesel generators to ensure prompt service and the resolution of any potential issues.

Understanding Diesel Generators

Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
A diesel engine and an electrical generator used to generate electricity make up a diesel generator. They are typically utilised as back-up power sources or in locations that are not connected to the power utility.Diesel generators are easy to start, can be run for long hours and can efficiently power simple electrical appliances.

The major parts of a diesel generator are as follows

  1.   Diesel Engine: The source of power of the generator.

    2. Generator/Alternator: It is a device that transforms mechanical energy to electrical energy.

    3. Base Frame: Supplies all the support to the whole structure.

    4. Fuel Tank: Uses it to stock diesel for use in the generator.

    5. Battery: Supplies the energy required to initiate the working of the generator.

    6. Control Panels: This can be Standard CP, AMF panel or Synchronizing panel to control the operations.

Selection Process of the Right DG Set

Selecting the appropriate DG set involves considering several factors:

  •  Rate Based on Requirement: Make sure the DG set can supply the required power.
  • Purpose: Identify the type of application of the DG set, whether it is an emergency, prime or continuous power supply.
  • Electrical Load: Learn about the electrical load demands which include kVA, kW, var, surge current, and non-linear loads.
  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature, altitude and emission level of exhaust gases should be taken into consideration.

EMPOWER’s Approach

Our business starts with the evaluation of the current power consumption to determine the power generation requirements. Our team advises superior quality diesel generators that range from 2. 5 to 1500 kVA and some of the recommendations on their installation, energy distribution, and load uptake.

Comprehensive Service

  • End-to-End Commissioning: We oversee the commissioning and installation of your new generator set from the initial stage to the final one
  • Post-Sales Service: We support the client and offer maintenance and aftercare throughout the manufacturer warranty period.
  • Rental Options: If buying is not a priority, we have diesel DG sets for short and long term hire with on site services done by our staff.


Kirloskar DG sets are the most suitable and dependable source of power in any situation. EMPOWER being an authorised dealer of Kirloskar DG set guarantees that you get the right products as well as services that meet your needs. If it is for home, business, or any other use, we are ready to assist you in making the right decision on the generator to purchase.