Master Order Management with Magento 2 Custom Order Number Extension

by Magento Store Tridhya
Published: May 9, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

With our innovative Magento 2 Custom Order Number Extension, gain complete control over your order numbering system! This dynamic tool enables store owners to personalize order, invoice, shipment, and credit memo numbers using unique values such as prefixes. Discover why our extension is a game-changer:

Key Features:

  1. Tailored Configuration: Enable or disable the extension and customize numbering configurations for individual components like orders, invoices, and credit memos, providing ultimate flexibility.
  2. Customized Numbering: Easily set up unique formats for order, invoice, and shipment numbers according to your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized experience for your store.
  3. Flexible Settings: Set start numbers, increment steps, and number padding for IDs, allowing precise control over your numbering system.
  4. Counter Reset Options: Configure counters to reset daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, ensuring seamless management and organization of your order records.
  5. Prefix Integration: Replace specific parts of order numbers with prefixes for invoices, shipments, and credit memos, enhancing clarity and consistency across your documentation.
  6. Compatibility: Our extension is fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.

Unlock the potential of customized order numbering and streamline your e-commerce operations with ease!

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