Speech Milestones: When Should Toddlers Start Speech Therapy?

by Asha Speech
Published: June 22, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

Toddlers reach speech milestones at different paces, but certain delays can indicate the need for professional intervention. By 12-18 months, children typically say their first words, and by age 2, they should be combining words into simple sentences. If your child shows significant delays, it might be time to consider speech therapy.

At Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic, a leading center for speech therapy in Delhi, expert therapists assess and address various speech and language disorders in toddlers. Early intervention is crucial for effective treatment, as it helps children develop essential communication skills that impact their overall learning and social interactions.

If your toddler isn’t meeting speech milestones or if you notice issues like stuttering, limited vocabulary, or difficulty understanding simple instructions, seeking help from professionals at Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic can make a significant difference. Their tailored therapy programs are designed to cater to each child’s unique needs, ensuring optimal progress and development.

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