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RAS Selection Process: Complete Guide

Every year, the state-level Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) exam is administered by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). The coordinating body will announce the 2022 session on its website. Candidates are encouraged to keep visiting the site for updates. Candidates’ success in the RPSC RAS(Selection) exam process is determined solely by their performance in the Preliminary and Main examinations. However, the interview is important for the overall result.  

It has been announced that the RPSC RAS Selection Process 2022 will begin soon. Candidates need to know the selection procedure to prepare themselves for the exam. When applicants know the many steps in the selection process, they can allocate their time more efficiently to each phase. There are three stages to the RPSC RAS process: the preliminary exam, the main exam, and the interview. Candidates who meet the requirements of a given level are invited to participate in the subsequent step. These thresholds are used for selection purposes in RPSC RAS.

The following is a quick summary of the state civil service exam’s most crucial parts, designed to help candidates familiarise themselves with the exam’s structure and methodology and better prepare for it. Students can join a good RAS coaching in Jaipur for better preparation.

As was previously indicated, the RPSC RAS selection procedure consists of three phases. Here, we list all of these.

RAS Selection Process

Preliminary Examination for the RPSC RAS

The purpose of this examination is to eliminate candidates. All the questions on the preliminary exam are multiple-choice based. The candidate’s breadth of knowledge is tested in the preliminary round of the examination. Candidates will have 3 hours to complete the 200-question RPSC RAS exam.

To be considered for recruitment for the RPSC RAS job, each candidate must take and pass the preliminary examination. The table below depicts the exam schedule for the Preliminary Exam. The preliminaries have criteria for negative marking, and each incorrect answer will reduce 1/3 of a point. Because a bachelor’s degree is required to work for the RPSC, the Preliminary Exam is set at the same level.

RPSC RAS Main Exam

Individuals who perform well in the prelims are invited to sit for the final exam. There will be four sections to the main exam. Every single question on the major exam is of descriptive variety. The Mains examination consists of four papers, each worth 200 marks. So, the final score for the exam will be 800.

Nearly fifteen times as many people as there are open spots on the main exam show up to take it. The Mains Exam questions are typical and descriptive. The exam is a test of the candidate’s knowledge as well as language skills. The syllabus comprises history, geography, politics, economics, and other such themes.

Third-Stage RPS RAS Personality Test

A personality exam and Viva are the final steps in the selection procedure for the RPSC RAS. In this round of the hiring process, a panel of experts will question and evaluate the candidate one-on-one to see how well they fared in the areas of intelligence, composure, judgment, and practical expertise. Interviewers may inquire about your background in politics, economics, society, and the culture of Rajasthan, as well as your general aptitude in these areas. There will be a total score of 100 for the interview session. Those applicants who demonstrate sufficient qualifications during the interview will proceed to the final document verification phase.

Now, you know the RAS selection process. So, it’s time to see some RAS preparation tips. These tips will help you during your preparation.

RAS Preparation Tips

1. Read the Syllabus

RAS is one of the most challenging exams in Rajasthan. You have to be very well prepared for the exam before starting your preparation. The first step to start your preparation is by reading the entire RPSC RAS syllabus multiple times. This will help to analyze which topics are important from the exam’s perspective.

One of the most common mistakes that students generally make is they ignore the syllabus and start reading books. RAS aspirants have limited time, so it’s important to read only the things mentioned in the syllabus.

2. Note Making

The exam cycle of RAS is very long. So, it is highly advised to the students that they should make notes while studying. Note-making will help students during their revision. 

If aspirants have made proper notes for the RAS exam, then during their revision, they don’t have to go through the books. They can read the notes and revise all the topics. This will save a lot of their time.

3. Answer Writing Practice

One of the most common mistakes that aspirants generally make is they don’t do answer writing practice from the start. They think that they will start the answer writing practice after the prelims paper, but this is not the correct way to approach RPS mains.

You will get very less time after the prelims to prepare for answer writing, so you have to start preparing for the answer writing from the start. Try to practice answer writing as much as possible because the more you practice, the more you learn.


Is it simple to get picked for the RPSC RAS?

The RPSC RAS selection procedure is moderately challenging but doable with adequate preparation. The purpose of the exam is to identify qualified individuals for positions within the Rajasthan Administrative Services.

What is the current capacity of the RPSC RAS exam, in terms of available seats?


For the RPSC RAS exam, how many times can you take it?

To take the RPSC RAS exam as many times as you like is not a problem. You can take the exam as many times as you like until you reach the age limit.

What languages does the Interview Panel allow candidates to give interviews in?

Applicants have the option of answering interview questions in either English or Hindi. However, candidates must demonstrate familiarity with Hindi as part of the requirements to be considered for the RPSC RAS.

Do I need coaching to crack this exam?

Yes, you will be required to join a coaching institute to crack this exam. The exam, prima facie, might look simple, but you will always need a mentor to guide and motivate you throughout the exam preparation phase.

What is the best coaching in India for RAS?

These days there are so many coaching institutions available in the market. However, I feel that The Thought Tree is one of the best RAS coaching programs in India.

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