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How to Write an Effective CV for UAE Jobs: Key Features and Tips

If you are interested in employment in Dubai, UAE then you must craft a good CV that will get noticed by hiring managers. So, how to Write an effective CV for Gulf countries, especially professional curriculum vitae for United Arab Emirates (UAE), you need a specific format and attention to detail. Here are some key features and tip seeking for a UAE Jobs application.

Tips for a UAE Job Application: 

  • You must make a High-quality Curriculum Vitae. 
  • Learn to write ATS CV for Gulf countries. 
  • follow UAE CV format for jobs. 
  • Fulfill the requirements of UAE resume format.
  • Make your CV by considering the CV format for Dubai.
  • If you have contact with the Dubai CV makers, then you must get assistance from them. And you must polish your resume with time to make it tailored for Gulf and UAE countries. 
  • You must write your resume for entry level position, managerial position or Fresher resume so that your chances of getting hire could increase.
  • You must know how to make a CV for gulf job market? Because UAE is a land of Opportunities.
  • Most important points to add in your resume or CV are reflection of professional background,
  • Must add your skills like technical skills, soft and hard skills.
  • Qualifications, and achievements are also important things to add in your resume.

Key elements to write a professional UAE CV 

There are the following points you must consider making CV.

  • Try to write your CV in this way it could be easy to read. 
  • Your CV must pass ATS scan.
  • Select key words carefully. You must use Optimized job keywords.  And your keywords must match the position advertised.
  • Your must Add job related skills i.e. hard and soft skills. 
  • You must be honest first and avoid false information in resume.
  • Your cv must acquire the Hiring manager’s attention. 

Personal Details

When you are putting your personal details in resume then you must consider What do recruiters in the UAE seek in candidates CVs? Because UAE is gulf not other country.

The things you should add in your CV are following.

Full Name: Add your full name as mentioned in your National ID card or passport. This is necessary for your real identity. 

Birthdate:  birthdate or mentioning your age is not a compulsory step, but it leaves a good impression but, including it here will reflect positively.

Place of residence: Adding your place of residence is very important because overseas candidates are preferred for the job of interest. Furthermore, you must highlight your current location you are living in what country if you belong to another country. For example, if you are from USA and you are currently living in UAE then you must mention the city name too. 

Current location: For the location of current employer if an address and contact number of your visa employer is required, an employer may contact the employer of your visa to know the information rather your address and contact number.

Driver’s Licence Information:  If you have a company expats driver’s licence as a basic requirement, they will need to state it. If you can obtain a UAE drivers licence, if you do not have a UAE drivers’ licence, do not mention it. 

Gender: you must add your gender in your CV, either you are a male or female because it’s an important information adds in your CV. 

Language Proficiency: language proficiency is mandatory for you resume or CV. You must add your language skills like if can speak any language you must explain how much proficient you are in it. English is a business language in UAE. You must be professional and expert in speaking English. Moreover, if you know other languages and can speak like Urdu, Persian, Hindi, or Arabic. You must add these into your CV. 

Language Certificate: Some companies in UAE required the English language certificate for their job. Then you must add language certificate in resume like IELTS, TOFEL etc., 

Contact Information

Your contact information must be accurate in CV.

Phone Number: You must add a phone number that is available as a working phone number.

Email Address: Use a professional e-mail address.

LinkedIn Profile Link: Share your professional social media account (LinkedIn).


An impressive passport-sized photo that matches the standards of UAE CVs is considered compulsory in any case. Put your photograph in the upper CV right corner. You must avoid adding fancy and casual photograph in your resume and Aim for a professional look through.


You just barely have the opportunity of 6 seconds to prove to the hiring manager that you are just the right person for the job. Write a concise resume summary, which must close the key points, skills, and career prospects. Do not put irrelevant things but link them to specific examples and skills relevant to the advertised place.


  • Add in your CV both technical as well as interpersonal abilities that are related to the job you are applying for.
  • With bulleting points in mind, you can achieve clarity more easily.
  • For instance, include position-related keywords, e. g. keywords related to the position you are aiming for. 


Provide details about your educational background especially you must mention last Academic degree for example if you have a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, you must mention these in this part.

Example of Education section in Dubai CV 

BS (hons) in Information Technology

University of Dubai, UAE

Graduated: May 2022

Work Experience

  • Start with the latest job you had, following a reverse chronological detail in UAE CV or resume.
  • Demonstrate your abilities, aptitude, and competency in the field related to the posted position.
  • By using proper nouns, you would describe your function. For example, 30% more sales within six months after joining job. 

Add other related information\ Additional Information

Include any other relevant details like your certification or other relevant courses, and your work that has been done voluntarily. 


Adding referencing is not a mandatory step in a CV until unless the hiring manager ask from you. However, it is usually suitable to state in a reference section that the references are available upon request.  Because they sometimes appear for it at the beginning of the CV filtering process.

Key points on formatting your cv in Dubai. 

  • Your cv must be in a Reverse chronological order.
  • Your CV must 2 pages maximum, not more than that. Because HR personnel doesn’t consider lengthy CVs
  • CV font size must be appropriate so that text could be readable. Mostly the font that is used is time new roman and font size of a normal text is 12pt. Moreover, the size of headings and subheading are 16pt and 14pt respectively.
  • Use a professional photo.
  • Personal details must be accurate.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling that leaves a good impression.
  • Avoid using buzzwords.
  • Proofread your cv properly.
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