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7 Best Places for Yoga Teacher Training In the World

Over the years, yoga has become a quintessential practice and choice of many people who have taken up this unique ancient form of art. For a long time, India had been the center of this unique practice that dates back more than 5000 years. However, recently several yoga practitioners across the globe have undergone their own hundreds of hours of practice and study to come up with their own unique style of yoga. There are several places for yoga teacher training in the world. But we are here with the best of the best, the top most 7 places for yoga teacher training in the world.

Top 7 Places For Yoga Teacher Training

1. Goa Yogashala, India

The first and the top places for yoga teacher training got to be the country where this ancient form was born. Visit the Goa Yogashala in India, which offers one of the best courses for Yoga Teachers Training. Go for 200 hours of yoga teacher training In Goa. In addition, Goa Yogashala boasts several options for training ranging from 100 hours to 300 hours and even retreats and holidays. The location adds to whichever course you go for and gives you a better understanding of the serene and tranquil region around you.

Goa Yogashala lies on the beautiful beach of Agonda in South Goa and is spread across 90,000 square feet of pure natural bliss. The school offers beautiful lodging options for travelers coming in for a retreat or to study the ancient art form of yoga.

2. Byron Yoga Centre, Australia

The next location for excellent places for yoga teacher training brings us to the country of Australia. Here, Byron Centre has the best yoga teacher training. The center was established back in 1988 and for some 30-odd years has been at the top of its game in Australia. The school has a long and rich history with several people offering their knowledge and experience at the yoga center. The center offers its patrons the best lodging, food, relaxation, and offers of yoga retreats. Some of the top courses to avail of here are 100 hours or 200 hours of yoga. The level 1 or level 2 course completion will allow you to receive accreditation from the Yoga alliance.

Anything beyond that is on a whole different level and should be undertaken only after you have done the level one training. If you still feel motivated to try a more advanced form of yoga then you can go for the 300-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher training.

3. Sivananda Ashram Kerala, India

The next place for yoga teacher training brings us back to India, where the ancient art form has been given its own unique twist. The Sivananda Ashram in Kerala is the next best place to be when planning to undergo 200 hours of yoga teacher training. The ashram practices a variety of courses like fasting and detox programs for people of all ages. The Ashram stays true to its roots and those who take up their course get to see the difference within the course of the 200 programs. The ashram lies in the city of Thiruvananthapuram the capital city of ‘God’s Own Country, Kerala. One can certainly enjoy a relaxing retreat close to the backwaters of the city.

4. Ananda School Of Yoga and Meditation, USA

The next retreat is the Ananda School Of Yoga and Meditation which lies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just outside Nevada City. The school offers several different courses based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. The school in addition to the 200 hours of yoga teacher training program also offers meditation courses and even some therapy courses. The curse takes place over a period of 28 days and is offered just a few times a year. The package deal includes accommodation, tuition, meals, and study material regarding the course.

5. Himalayan Yoga Academy, Nepal

The next retreat which makes it on the list of places for yoga training is the Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal. The academy takes a truly holistic approach to teaching yoga to its patrons. The initial practices commence with traditional methods of Jala Neti and Ushapan and come to end with Trataka, mindful discussions, and Bhakti Yoga. The 200 hours yoga teacher training course is especially a hit at the academy due to its close proximity to the mighty Himalayas, which are visible from the academy’s premises. The training includes all the basic inclusions that support your training and help you live as you would live in an ashram.

6. Yoga Dicha, Mexico

One of the most unique locations and places for yoga teacher training can be found in Tulum, Mexico. The yoga teacher training studio in discussion is yoga Dicha which offers the best 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Mexico. The courses are simple for both, those who are aspiring to be yoga teachers and for the ones with some experience under their belt. The studio aims at teaching its students the basis of meditation, anatomy, asana study, history, and many other important aspects of yoga.

7. Yoga Sutra Shala, Spain

The final destination that serves as one of the best places for yoga teacher training is the Yoga Sutra Shala in Spain. The Shala (school) lies in the Spanish countryside in the village of Benisiva, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The studio offers the best yoga courses available in Spain, along with the modern facilities of a swimming pool, library, vegan meals and drinks, and several other essentials. The modern studio also comes equipped with a guest kitchen for those wanting to learn how to cook vegan meals.

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