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Get High DA Social Bookmarking Sites To Enhance Your Business

Social bookmarking is an online service that involves the process of tagging a website page with a browser-based tool so that you can easily visit them again later. In simple layman’s language,  bookmarking a website on social media is called Social bookmarking. It is one of the off-page SEO activities to gain backlinks for websites. To a great extent no- follow backlinks are received.  Social bookmarking envelops the obeyance of the webpage links to different link-sharing websites. It is the fastest way to increase backlinks to the website.

How Does Social Bookmarking Work?

When we open a website and in the future, there’s a need to visit the same website again, we can either copy/save the link or remember the resource through which we entered the website. Either of the methods might help in directly visiting the URL (uniform resource locator) in the future. But the art of making search engine optimization a little easier exists which is “social bookmarking “. It is a way to search, collect, discover organize and analyze web pages using virtual bookmarks.

Social Bookmarking is a facility where the URL of a webpage or a web document can be saved or added to the browser. If the same URL is being saved or added on any social media site then it is called Social bookmarking.

Social Bookmarking in SEO

In SEO, we include the maximum number of quality backlinks so that on any search engine our website occurs in the top position. Social bookmarking posting sites are one of the off-page SEO techniques that have been carried out since the early days of SEO to gain backlinks for websites.

Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

  • Reddit– Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members.
  • Twitter – Twitter is an excellent tool for social bookmarking.
  •  Pinterest – After Twitter, Pinterest is the high DA PA social bookmarking site. Pinterest has the maximum number of traffic for many bloggers across the world. Pinterest provides ideas and content on a large number of topics which eventually attracts more traffickers.
  • LinkedIn – It is another high PA social bookmarking site. A maximum number of people build their credibility on LinkedIn by sharing their best content and experiences.
  • – It is a social bookmarking site that allows people to share and promote their content easily. It also accepts all kinds of niches.
  • Tumblr – It is the social bookmarking site in 2020 where creators can create their mini blogs, write-ups, and other content they wish to share over the site.
  • Fark – Fark is a social networking news site. As a news site, it receives the maximum number of submissions of content on a daily basis but it only presents the best of the content to its viewers/audience.
  • BizSugar  – BizSugar is a free group that helps small business holders /owners and entrepreneurs to interact and gain knowledge from each other. No time commitments are required in BizSugar.  BizSugar helps committed entrepreneurs or business holders to build their brand name.
  • Slashdot – Slashdot is a social news site that originally built itself as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”.
  • Diigo– For academic types, Diigo is the ultimate social bookmarking site. Books, pdfs, and other resources can be shared easily by educators, students, and researchers.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites

There are various numbers of doing-follow and SEO social bookmarking sites. Professionals/ specialists select the page-ranking websites to bring about and finally implement their social bookmarking tasks.

The authenticity of the links can also be checked through the DA PA checker. This helps in generating a quality backlink. A quality backlink is considered to be excellent in the eyes of the search engines and has the maximum number of outcomes on the off-page SEO

The quality of a good quality backlink has the following properties:

  • From high page- rank web page – A page rank is known as the ranking that is given to a web page which is from 0-10 by the algorithm of Google which states the authority and authenticity of the web page. Backlinks from a web page that holds a higher page rank give higher votes to the user’s webpage.
  • Use different anchor texts-  It is very important to use an anchor text that is not similar to exact keywords stuffed anchor texts for all the backlinks. The anchor texts should be modified and adjusted so that it does not look unnatural.
  • Avoid black hat SEO – black hat SEO also known as spamdexing is a practice against search engine guidelines that includes deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. It involves a wide variety of methods which includes link building and relating unrelated phrases, to manipulate the relevance or prominence of the resources index, in a manner that is naturally inconsistent with the indexing system.

Social bookmarking sites are beneficial in expanding the SEO work and expanding the social marketing network to gain traffic in the websites or browsers and credibility for the content offered. Here is the list of high-DA social bookmarking submission sites.

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